Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my hospital attachment

salam to all readers
hari ini nak menulis about my hospital attachment in Cork
Cork city itself ada 4 hospital,one of it is private
Cork University Hospital 
Mercy university hospital
South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital
Bons Secours Hospital

i am now rotation dekat CUH
skrg tgh introduction weeks
kami rotate to different department every 2 weeks

last 2 weeks i was doing cardio/respiratory rotation in CUH
follow ward round with respi Reg n his intern
amik history and perform examintaion

we managed to see a patient with a rare disease
called 'alveolar proteineosis'
1 over 2 million people will have it
managed to look at her CT scan utk tgk 'crazy paving'

jumpa juga patient with 'cystic fibrosis'
then patient yg ada Myocardial Infarction 
Heart Failure and bla2..
belajar baca ECG dgn nurses
jumpa patient yg ada liver disease with ascites
dan banyak lagi

sekarang tgh wat anesthesia rotation in the same hospital
belajar segala drug yg perlu utk induction,muscle relaxant and analgesic
pastu dpt la tgk surgery
so far baru tgk breast surgery utk keluarkan lump
tadi tgk plastic surgery on nose and ear

tak sabar nak intubate orang!hehe~
wat IV cannulation ke
relax gak kerja anesthetist nie *ye ke?*

esok masuk ortho surgery
then hopefully dapat la masuk tgk open heart surgery

moga roh dan semngat untuk mnjadi seorang doktor
akan datang jua nanti
pray for the best! insyaAllah