Tuesday, January 11, 2011


salam semua
alhamdulillah dipanjangkan umur
dan dimurahkan rezeki 
to stay alive until now

hari nie nak cerita pasai plastic surgery

plastic surgery nie adalah

a medical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function.
 While famous for aesthetic surgery, plastic surgery also includes many types of 

sekarang saya rotation dekat 
Cork University Hospital under team plastic surgery

as mentioned above
plastic nie byk restore function of the body la
melalui surgery

i dun have any specific team to follow everyday
but overall, plastic team ada
3 or 4 consultants
they are all have beautiful hands!
lovely 'makeover' i would say!
the team also sgt baik and friendly
the willing to teach us 
even baru 3rd med yg mmg tak tahu apa2 about plastic

things i do
selalunye memang kna tpacak awal pagi
untuk ward round 
mostly kita akan tgk the recovery progress of the patients
macam2 patients ada
and depends on which consultant you attached to
hari tu banyak burn cases
jatuh dalam bath tub x ble bangun2 and so on..

i've seen skin grafting
both split graft and full thickness graft
now planning to watch flap surgery yang insyaAllah
ada esok *a local flap on hip*

today ada exploration surgery to see
any damage to nerve ,tendon,vessels and so on
and alhamdulillah
the specialist registrar had given me the opportunity
to scrub in with her and do suturing

and macam biasa
kena amik history and present it to the doctors
as surgery patient banyak day patients
so, x banyak la sangat history yg dpt di ambil*hehe*

so far..rasa mcm surgery lagi best dari medicine
surgery mcm adventure and challenging skit la
but con is , u'll be a bit busy

but personally
with my hands yg shaking nie
is't quite hard to be a surgeon
dalam theater tadi pun surgeon ckp
*u need to stabilize ur hand* huuuhuuu

but alhamdulillah
Allah bagi rotation best kali ni
sbgai pembukaan tahun 2011
rotation for second term

next week i'll be doing anaesthetic rotation
yg mcm buhsan je
sebab dh penah 2 minggu kat situ last year
but, just hope for the best then! 

thanks for reading this quick update