Sunday, February 7, 2010

so long..farewell~

this is a story of a fren of a boy who has passed away recently..
i've been browsing, stalking my frens blogs, fb..
they are ssoooo many people yg terasa dgn pemergian beliau.
well, i dun have to state who, everybody knows.
every good memories remain, with a smile..
i hope my fren won't shed tears anymore.
take ur time to heal, but dun take too much time..
i know he was a very nice person to everyone.
willing to help if he is able to help,
always there for the one he loved,
always cheered his frens with his present and his charming smile.
being in the same class for five years brought so many happy n sad memories.
but all shall remain as a beautiful-ended-story.
even it was so abrupt, it is the best, for him n for everyone.

when i knew he was in ICU,
me n everyone pray for him,
may Allah grant him with health,
to see him to be able to smile again,
to stand again,
and to always be there is what everybody wished for..

but..this is his destiny..
i accepted it, everyone accepted it..
you may go my fren,
bcoz all the memories u left behind,
it was so beautiful where no one want to erase..
you left everybody with a smile actually..

and the best part is,
how u inspired so many people to be just like you.
i know there won't be another you,
but at least, everyone want to leave the world
with the best memories they could give to anybody,
just like what u have done.
everyone want to smile no matter what happen,
want to lend a hand if anyone need it,
want to be there when is needed,
want to make less or no complaint at all~
want to always make semua org hepi!
it is so you!

and u inspired us,
future doctors, to be damn good in our profession,
to be just like in grey's..
bcoz losing a life is not just about family grieving
it a far lot more than that..
and to lose someone like you is the hardest part.

so long, farewell my friend.
semoga Allah mudahkan urusan kita semua di dunia, di alam barzakh dan di akhirat kelak..

'ya Allah, tempatkanlah dia di tempat yang kau janjikan nikmat untuk hambaMU'
may u rest in peace.