Tuesday, May 25, 2010


(sebelum baca, i recommend utk tekan 'play'
kt music player  sebelah kiri anda)
it's been a while since the exam has over
i'm waiting if i am going to be called for the oral
if i'm not, wish for the best
that i am not mean, i've passed

today..nak ckp psal life..
after a year being staying away from castlewhite
i've learned so many things about life
life is not always good as u thought it will be

it could be harsh on you..nice on you..
but, there will always be something in ur life
that make u become a miserable person

bila kita tengok somebody
kita rasa dia hepi
life seems really good for them
kita rasa, kita yg byk problem..

people say, seeing is believing..
yeah, it happens sometimes..but not all the time..
u will never know what a person hold in side them
what secrets they been hiding
what life they have been avoiding
what next secret, sinful steps they will be taking
no one knows..

people comes with many problems..
is life created to be filled with problems?
and we as human is the problem-solver?
how about if someone could not handle the problem
then are they gonna be another problem?

hidup..memang mengajar erti kekuatan
x sangka, rupanya masih ramai yang tercari2 makna hidup ini
masih mencari reason to wake up every morning
reason why to take every steps u had,have,and will take
reason to take medicine???

i wish those people will stay strong
personally, i respected them as they have been so strong
until the day that i knew how life has been going on for them
i won't say it cruel..but..jus not being nice..

above all, i can see the problem rise from the parent themselves
the kids could be spoiled, be proud with
dear mummy and daddy all over the world
please give ur child the love they need
being a parent is not just by fulfilling ur kids physical's need
talk to them, loved them..
make them feel like they have a place to hold on to
have a place that they could spill their emotion
family is what everyone has
and someone might only have..

life is so unpredictable
u dunno what ahead, waiting for you

all i can say is
pray for the best
that's why prophet Muhammad SAW PBUH said

' “Rebutlah lima perkara sebelum datangnya lima perkara. 
Pertama, masa sihat sebelum sakit. 
Kedua, masa kaya sebelum datangnya masa sempit (miskin). 
Ketiga, masa lapang sebelum tiba masa sibuk.
Keempat, masa muda sebelum datang masa tua, dan 

kelima, masa hidup sebelum tiba masa mati.”
(Riwayat al-Hakim dan al-Baihaqi
semoga Allah merahmati dan memudahkan urusan kita semua
kepada mereka yang berkenaan
moga kesabaran anda
bakal mendapat ganjaran setimpal dari Allah