Friday, May 28, 2010

to the only boy in the family..

this entry is specially dedicated to
mohd nor aizat, my beloved brother

u was born 1992, december
being the only boy in the family
we taught u r going to be spoiled

time kecik2, mat sangat manja ngan mama
xle renggang lansung
and u r so ccuuuttteee!!!
still remember u and ur power rangers stuff!
as being the only boy
u have 2 big baskets full of toys!
still remember u and ur 'kain kale kuning'
sarung bantai kan?
haha! suka sangat sebelom tidoq mesti nak bau dulu
then hisap jari..hehehe...

masa nak masuk tadika,
abah n mama nk hntar g sekolah cina
tapi biasalah..u dun want to..
then sekolah rendah
then menengah..

i am sorry for not being a good sister to you
when i was back home
akak slalu marah mat..kan?kan?
i admit that
i used to be a hot tempered-girl back then
ingat lagi when i ashamed myself in front of yon @ KI
akak minta maaf..

well my dear brother
ur life so far just being revolved in alor setar
now it is the time for u to see the real world
i mean..even it's only in changlun
u still have to take care of urself
u have to do everything on ur own
as this going to be ur first time ever
being away from family for 17 years..

hmm..semua adik2 akak dah besaq kan?
its time for everyone to have a taste of what life without parent is
it never gonna taste sweeter of course
so take a good care of yourself

u know how much family put hope on you
even there's so many time u not able to make it
we will never give up to always count on you
there's must be a reason why
Allah puts u as the only men in the family except from abah

i want you to learn what life is..
akak nak mat rajin
rajin belajar
rajin solat
rajin baca al-quran
rajin berdoa
be a good muslim
as then u will be a good person to everybody

pilih kawan elok2
friends that will guide you
u never know how hard life out there
please choose ur fren wisely..please.

if mat ada masalah
feel free to message me
number phone akak kat sini x berubah
always call mama abah every weekend
buat macam kak ija..

keep in touch with everybody
be strong, be wise
we all love you
and we are so proud 
to have you in the family

i know u can do it this time!
this is a second chance for you to strive hard
goodluck my BIG brother..
u have a long way to go now

ni time raya bertahun lalu
mat and kak ati
take care~